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Interview: Yan Bleney

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Yan Bleney

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You sometimes do test shoots for models. How do you know when a model has something special ?

The first thing which draws my attention is the glance of the model. The way she moves, the way she looks at me. Everything is in the intensity. Even if she does not know how to take a pose, if she communicates a message, I know we shall make a beautiful picture.

What does a good photographer do to make a model better?

He always keeps the model comfortable and relaxed. He always keeps strong verbal contact with her and a good rhythm.

What inspired you to take this path, and not, say, portraits or landscapes or street shots?

I have always been someone with a strong visual sense. I am often told in my private life that I observe things and people a lot. I think that becoming a photographer was the most obvious things to do for me. To capture and freeze my perception of the world surrounding me.

Has there been a moment in your life that changed everything for you? What was it?

I moved to Paris in July 2006. I spent my last seven years there, and just came back to Canada five months ago. While in Paris, I discovered and fell in love with the French fashion industry.

Tell us your favourite fashion photography campaigns of all time and why.

That’s a good one. There’s so many. I would say the last one to draw my attention is the Mulberry F/W 2013 Campaign. This campaign brought out the child in me.

Why is fashion important?

Clothes bring an additional dimension to the picture, and allows one to create a set of ideas. This is a universe which allows several people who work together to bring their own vision to the final image.

Name something that people do that's a crime for you.

HDR everywhere!

Finish these sentences:

You won't survive in this business unless… you can continue to imagine and create your own vision.

And I can't shoot unless… I've had my first two coffees.

And in the future, I hope to… continue to become better.

older The Dangers of Writing Off Millennials newer How to Make Money... When You Aren't Making Money

Yan Bleney is a photographer


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